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Computational Mechanics

- Adaptive Methods
- Biomechanics
- Case Based Designs
- Computational Mechanics using Mobile Interface
- Computer Aided Design
- Computer Supported Collaborative Design
- Decision Support systems
- Fracture Mechanics
- Integrated Design Systems
- Lifetime Costs
- Model Verification and Validation
- Monitoring of Structures & Buildings
- Object Oriented Programming
- Real Time 3D Simulation
- Safety Analysis
- Structural Control
- Structural Health Monitoring
- Structural Optimization and Sensitivity Analysis
- Uncertainty Models


- BIM and Education
- BIM at Schematic Design
- BIM Project Case Studies
- Computational Design using BIM
- Construction with BIM
- Design and Constructions Process Integration
- Knowledge Management in BIM
- Life Cycle Analysis and Management
- Software Development and Implementation
- Structural Engineering based on BIM


- Geometric and Topological Methods for Shape and Solid Modeling
- Geometric Modeling and Processing,
- Intelligent CAD, AI and Machine Learning in Design and Ontology
- Knowledge-based Engineering
- Solid and Heterogeneous Modeling
- Specific Applications and Significant Benchmarks of Computer-aided Design
- Stress Analysis on Components and Assemblies using Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
- User Interfaces, System Interfaces and System Interoperability

IT Disaster Prevention

- Automatic Damage Estimation using RS Technologies
- Disaster Forecasting & Warning Systems
- Disaster Risks & Vulnerabilities Mapping
- Fortifying Community based Resilience
- Interdisciplinary Projects on Disaster Management
- Special Topics for Vulnerabilities

Upcoming Issues in regards with the 4th Industrial Revolution

- Artificial Intelligence
- Additive Manufacturing (3D printing technology)
- Augmented Reality for Construction
- Big Data Analysis for Disaster Prevention
- Buildings with IOT(Internet of Things) Technology
- Construction Technology with Autonomous Robots
- Computer Engineering and Nanotechnology
- Data Platform and Cloud Backend using Network and Communications for Structural Health Monitoring