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The First Planned City

Changwon is the First Planned City in Korea. Well-planned transportation system and green atmosphere of the city bring a lot of visitors every year.

Eco City

Changwon is widely known as the 'Environmental Capital'. The city has run various campaigns and completed projects to protect the environment. One of the notable achievements of the city is a Public Bicycle System, called 'NUBIJA'; people share bikes to easily travel around the city.

Culture City

Changwon is a place where culture flourishes. It has historical relics, museums, concert halls, musical theaters, etc. The city also holds various cultural festivals throughout the year.

City of High-Tech Industry

Located in the southeastern region of Korea, Changwon has a large production base of global companies such as LG, Doosan, STX, and Volvo. High-tech industries including machinery, robotics, aerospace, shipbuilding, and automation flourish in Gyeongnam province that Changwon belongs to.

Educational City

Designated as a 'Lifelong Learning City' by Ministry of Education and Human Resources, and a 'Science City' by the Korea Science Foundation, Changwon has built 25 social education centers, 6 municipal libraries for citizens. Moreover, two new educational institutions, Science High School and Science Experience Center, are located in the city.